All Hands On-Deck for Doc B!

Updated Tuesday July 25, 2017 by Beth Jones.

At this weekend’s Doc B tournament, the biggest battles were not on the fields, but rather for the fields! Epic rains on Saturday and Sunday required a massive effort to make playable as many fields as possible—not an easy task considering the numerous heavy downpours that dumped inches of rain on already soaked fields.

Answering the overnight call from tourney officials, an army of more than 40 volunteers: parents, siblings, coaches and others who are part of the ABR Travel family showed up in the wee hours of Sunday morning at Barcroft, Greenbrier and Jennie Dean with rakes and scoops to bail out puddles. Their efforts managed to bring fields at Barcroft and Greenbrier back into service, and quick work at Jennie Dean added another field to the mix.

Thank you to everyone who toiled in the mud and heat! Your hard work helped win the day for the tourney’s players.