ABR Travel Tryout Dates!

Updated Friday October 13, 2017 by Beth Jones.

2018 Team Tryouts

Arlington Babe Ruth (ABR) is pleased to announce that it will be conducting tryouts for its 2018 ABR Travel Baseball Program for players age 9-12 in October 2016! 8 year old team tryouts will be conducted in the Spring of 2018. 

ABR Travel Baseball is a nationally competitive youth baseball organization for players ages 8-12. Players are selected from the Arlington Cal Ripken Babe Ruth League which draws players from the Arlington, Mason District, Falls Church and McLean areas.   ABR Travel provides the highest level of competition and skill development for players and affords those who are interested with the opportunity to work on their baseball skills year round under the close tutelage of highly-skilled and tenured coaches and the Virginia Baseball Club.

Highlights of the 2018 ABR Travel Baseball Program include

  • Professionally trained and certified coaches with long tenures in the program
  • Year round programs coordinated by the Virginia Baseball Club, including fall and winter indoor training time
  • 50/70 dimension fields at 11 and 12 year old levels for the top-talent players
  • Seamless and conflict-free scheduling with ABR's house league program allowing for spring season play
  • Travel baseball at both Storm and Aces levels
  • Annual Cooperstown Tournament

Tryout Dates and Registration Details

All players are asked to register by visiting the ABR Travel Website and clicking the "Tryout Sign Up" link.  There is no cost to tryout. Tryout dates are as follows:

  • 12-year old tryouts on Oct 27, 6:00-8:00 p.m. and Oct 29, 10:00 a.m.-noon at Barcroft #2
  • 11-year old tryouts on Oct 13, 7:00-9:00 p.m. and Oct 15, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. at Barcroft #2, 
  • 10-year old tryouts, Oct 20 and 22, time and location TBD
  • 9-year old tryouts on Oct 20, 4:30-6:30 p.m. and Oct 22, 2:00-4:00 p.m. at Westover Park, 1001 Kennebec Street, Arlington, VA 2205

The ABR Travel Advantage

ABR Travel offers the most baseball opportunities in our area, period.  Affiliated with Arlington Babe Ruth, ABR Travel is able to provide seamless, competitive travel baseball along with regular season house league play from Arlington Babe Ruth.  ABR Travel's spring schedule is coordinated with ABR which allows for ABR Travel to practice and play competitive travel baseball schedules during the spring/summer house baseball season. ABR Travel teams participate in the Cal Ripken all-star tournaments and regularly advance into the Virginia State Cal Ripken Tournament.  Recently, 2017 12YO Storm team hosted the Virginia State Tournament at Barcroft Park and finished #17 out of 104 at the Cooperstown Dreams Park tournament.  Our 2017 10YO team was the Virginia State Runner-Up and was invited to the highly-competitive Southeast Regional Tournament to face championship teams from all over the Southeastern United States.  In 2016, our 12YO Storm won the Virginia State Championship and the 2016 11 YO and 10 YO Storm finished runner-up in the state. Both the 12 YO and 11 YO teams continued on to the Southeast Regional Tournament. 


ABR Travel is about player development and competitive play.  Our baseball and coaching development programs are coordinated by our partner,  The Virginia Baseball Club.  The VBC is the premier baseball development academy in the greater Washington, DC area.  All of our players participate in a winter development program run by the best and most experienced coaches the VBC has to offer.  Additionally, our coaches work and train closely with the VBC staff to maintain and deliver the highest level baseball coaching in our area.  In addition to workout time at the VBC, ABR Travel offers programs in fielding, throwing and strength training over the winter months to keep your player in game shape.

Selection Process

Our teams are formed in the fall and practice throughout the winter at the Virginia Baseball Club. Additional tryouts may be offered on a rolling basis for those who are new to the area or were not otherwise able to attend the fall tryout. Following winter workouts at the VBC, players are placed on either our Storm, Aces or Select teams at each age group based on coaches evaluations.

 The Arlington Storm Program 

The Arlington Storm program is the top level of competition in ABR. All Storm teams are eligible to participate in the Cal Ripken Babe Ruth Trail, which includes participation in the Virginia Cal Ripken Babe Ruth District 13 Championship, and potentially the Virginia Cal Ripken Babe Ruth State Championship, the Cal Ripken Babe Ruth Southeast Regional and the World Series. The Storm also participates in other highly competitive tournaments, some of which will require travel. The 11 and 12 year old Storm teams play on a 50/70 field with full baseball rules. The 9 and 10 year olds play on a 46/60 field.

Players will be expected to be available for practice up to six days per week, including weekend tournaments, from mid-May through early August, when the Storm teams take an end of summer break. Storm players are encouraged (but not required) to continue play with the Storm in the fall, where games and practice focus on baseball development and athletic training.  The fall program runs from September through late October. 


The Arlington Aces Program


The Arlington Aces program also offers a competitive travel play and participate in local travel baseball competition, in addition to tournament play (when available) from Memorial Day through the end of July. In addition, the 11 year old and 12 year old Aces teams will have the option to participate in the 46/60 Virginia Cal Ripken Babe Ruth State Championships at their respective age levels, and the 12 year olds will have a chance to advance to the Cal Ripken Babe Ruth Southeast Regional and the World Series.

Players will be expected to be available for practice and games up to four days per week, including weekend tournaments, from June through July. Based on preference and need, certain Aces players may be selected to play with the Storm in certain tournaments during the Summer and/or in the ABR Travel fall program. 

PictureCooperstown TeamPicture


ABR's success in the prestigious Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournaments is undisputed.  The Cooperstown experience is the perfect finish for a great season of baseball.  In recent years, ABR Travel teams have finished runner up overall (2016) and #17 in pool play (2017).  ABR Travel is proud to announce that it will sponsor up to two (2) teams in Cooperstown Dreams Park for 2018.  The Cooperstown tournament for both teams will be week 12 (typically two weeks prior to Labor Day).  Players aged 12 and 11 are eligible to tryout. The Cooperstown teams will participate in a week long tournament in beautiful Cooperstown, New York, against top level competition from across the country. The anticipated cost for the Cooperstown team will be approximately $1,250 per player, exclusive of travel costs. The Cooperstown costs will be in addition to the costs of participation in the ABR Travel Program. Read more about the Cooperstown tournament here.

Feel free to submit questions through our website by clicking this link.  Check us out on Twitter @abrtravelbb.