50/70 Experience

UpdatedTuesday November 1, 2016 byABR.

Majors 70' 

ABR Majors 70' Division features a 50' pitching distance and 70' base paths, this intermediate division is offered as an option to current league format, and still includes a tournament trail from District competition through World Series. This division of play provides a bridge between the standard Cal Ripken Baseball field and a conventional 90’ baseball field. The division is geared for a second-year Majors division players and the more advanced 11 and 12 year old player. Team rosters will have no more than 13 players.

The Majors 70' division will be played using all Major League rules. The games will include players leading off the bases, reading pitcher's pickoff moves, balks, dropped third strikes and stealing. Besides the distance between bases, players will begin to expand their overall baseball knowledge and strategy on the bigger field. Each player will grow their fielding and hitting approaches as it is played at the older levels.

All players at this division will be subjected to a modified draft to create a more competitive playing experience for all. ABR’s primary goal is parity among all teams, while at the same time doing the best to ensure as many players as possible are able to play with their friends. The draft process includes the following:

  • Team formation will be conducted by the ABR board and league officials, based mainly on a player’s complete evaluation with a review of the player/parent request considerations.
  • Each team will be comprised (as best as possible) of the same number of skill players.
  • Players skill level will be based on the player’s workout session & feedback gathered from coaches. 
  • Prospective players will attend a workout(s). If a player cannot attend one of the workouts he/she will be assigned a skill level based on feedback from multiple coaches.
  • Coaches will be petitioned to send in evaluations of players from the previous Spring/Fall season. The more information the league has to help assess a player’s ability the better.
  • Besides the goal of creating competitive teams, another goal of the draft is to make sure every team has pitchers and catchers.
  • Coaches will protect (select) two to three players who played on their prior Spring (not Fall) roster.  The selections will be reviewed in order to keep the talent balance among the teams.
    • This is an option for the coach only.
    • Coaches’ child / children automatically count as a keeper.
    • The coach can waive his/her right to protect players (except their own kid(s)).
    • Any skill level players can be chosen.
    • The players kept will count against that team's total skill allotment in the draft.
    • The selection of protected players will be kept confidential among board and coaches.
  • Parents may still indicate what coaches or friends they would prefer to play with; coaches can also recommend a number of players they would want to coach (this is outside their protective player list). Requests will be entertained as we will do our best to keep players together.
  • After careful consideration with coach(es), the board may recommend a player to be placed on a team at a higher or lower level than the player initially requested. The board will only recommend this to a parent if there is a clear benefit to the player (i.e. safety, skill progression, etc).
  • Players can not be traded.
  • Late sign ups (after draft completion) will be evaluated and placed on teams as appropriate and roster space allows.
  • Player evaluations will be kept strictly confidential among board members.

The Majors 70' division also introduces players to non-parents managers/coaches who have 50/70 level experience.  With the number of teams being dictated by the number of qualified players, there may be a limited number of manger/ head coaches positions.  All coaches graduating to Majors 70' will have an opportunity to pair up as an assistant coach if a manager/head coaches positions are not available.