League Officials

UpdatedThursday March 3, 2022 byABR.

Board of Directors

J.P. Cooney President, AYBA
Chris Cardinale Vice President, ABR Travel, AYBA
Jones Tallent Treasurer
Terry Eby Webmaster, Registration, Scheduler
Colleen Smith Accounting and Finances
George Thompson Public Relations, Media
Harry Devens Umpire-in-Chief (UIC), Rules
Thayer Long Fields Liaison
Lisa Donnelly Uniform Manager
Melissa Heinzer Sponsorship


League Officials

Aaron Sacks Player & Coach Development, ABR Travel
Beth Jones Executive Director, Outreach


Division Commissioners

Brett Mikoy Blastball & Tball; equipment management
Brett Mikoy Single A
Mark Williamson Double AA
Drew Marks; Stephen Mann AAA-American; AAA-National
Ray DonahueThayer Long Majors 60; Majors 70