Arlington Babe Ruth Weekend Field Maintenance Guide:

UpdatedWednesday December 9, 2020 byABR.

Purpose:  To provide a list of “to do’s” regarding weekend field maintenance.

Scope:  This document is specifically intended to serve as guidance for volunteers that will be working on fields to prepare them for play on the weekends during the spring baseball season.

Field Captains:  ABR Volunteers have adopted several fields for this season. Those “adopters” will be designated as the “Field Captains”. The fields and field adopters are listed below:

  • Barcroft 2
  • Jenny Dean:
  • Lee Center: 
  • Nottingham: 
  • Reed: 
  • Tuckahoe 1 

Saturday Morning Logistics:

It is expected that the coach that has the 9am game will provide resources to help prepare the field that he/she will be playing on that Saturday morning. It is expected that the coach provide between 4-5 volunteers that will report to the field at 6:45am to begin working on the field.  Those volunteers will report to the designated “Field Captains”.

Every Saturday morning (assuming weather could be an issue), Arlington County holds a “Field Status Call” at 7:00am.  This call provides an opportunity to share information on the current state of the fields.  The “Field Captains” will provide John Foti status of the field.  The report provided will be one of three options:

  • The field is playable
  • The field is unplayable (meaning the field will be closed the entire day)
  • The field is currently unplayable but will be available by X time.

Option #3 provides the opportunity for at least some of the games that are scheduled to occur. It is likely that the game might not be playable for the 9:00am game but with some work (and a little help from Mother Nature: Direct sun and some wind) later scheduled games could be played.

Field Maintenance on Saturday Mornings:

Volunteers that are working on the field should report to the “Field Captain” for guidance of what to do and what needs to be done. Each volunteer should go to the field with a field rake (garden rake will suffice).  If there is “standing water on the field” the “Field Captain” will provide guidance on how to remove the water.  The “Field Captain” will make the call as to whether the field is playable or not.

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