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ABR promotes positive character building, full participation and good sportsmanship, and also enthusiastically endorses the Positive Coaching Alliance and its mission. ABR supports access for all by providing scholarships as needed.

ABR's ability to successfully pursue its mission depends on its close connection and good working relationship with the Arlington community, including the county government, schools, local businesses and, of course, families. ABR relies on the generosity of local sponsors to maintain its level of excellence. Sponsorship dollars allow us to provide local families affordable access to a youth sports program by providing team equipment for players and umpires and by offering scholarships to all who need it. ABR’s Board of Directors is committed to maintaining these long-term relationships and will work with your organization in identifying the most appropriate form of sponsorship.

ABR acknowledges our sponsors in both traditional and more tailored ways, all of which are commensurate with the level of sponsor support. Sponsorship amounts typically range from $500 to $3,000, with some committing $5,000 or more. Whatever amount you choose, your support is appreciated and the Board will make sure that all who participate in ABR are made aware of your generosity.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact ABR Sponsorship Chair Rebecca Vandall.

To participate as a sponsor this year, please complete the sponsorship agreement (linked below) and mail it with your check to Arlington Babe Ruth, P.O. Box 5102, Arlington, VA 22205. Checks should be made payable to Arlington Babe Ruth. Or, pay by credit card through the "STORE" tab at the top of this page. Application and payment for team sponsorships with company names printed on team jerseys must be received by March 1st in order to meet the uniform print deadline.


 Thank you for your support of Arlington Babe Ruth Baseball!

Arlington Babe Ruth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

ABR Sponsorship Opportunities 2020.pdf
ABR Sponsorship Agreement 2020.pdf